Frequently Asked Questions

What is iHub Global?

iHub Global is an independent company that is approved by referral program designed to assist in the rapid IoT network expansion of the Helium wireless People’s Network.

What is a Host in iHub Global?

A Host is a person who orders a Helium hotspot miner and installs it at their location by simply plugging it in, connecting it to the internet, placing it by a window, and connecting it to their HNT cryptocurrency wallet. Then let the machine do all the work for you! Proving secure encrypted and anonymous Longfi network coverage to that immediate area. For this, you get paid month after month after month in completely passive income.

What is an Affiliate in iHub Global?

An Affiliate can also be Host but the affiliate aspect allows you by word of mouth to refer others to join in the effort to expand the people’s network and earn a finders fee commission for each of those referrals. It can be the most lucrative aspect of Helium mining in the world with just a bit of effort and for this, you also get paid month after month after month in completely passive income.

What is a Helium hotspot?

A Helium hotspot is a completely silent, very low energy and very low bandwidth-consuming LoRa (long range) LongFi device with an antenna that uses a very safe signal just above FM to communicate with other hotspots within the area of about 300-1,000 meters or more around your location. Think of it as comparable to a cell tower but with none of the health side effects that cell towers emit.

What is an iHub Global mining assessment?

The mining assessment is a sophisticated proprietary application that is very powerful yet amazingly simple to understand and is based on your provided information then sent to you via email and SMS. It will provide you with a current earning potential estimate based on the network coverage around you that your device will be communicating with combined with the real-time price of HNT. It is just an estimate and not a guarantee as no one can predict the future.

How do I earn money?

 Two ways. One is to install a hotspot and earn for simply letting the device anonymously report the area you are in is covered via what is called Proof of Coverage (POC). The second is by referring others to install the hotspots and getting a percentage of what their device earns for providing POC.

Is it free to join iHub Global?

Yes. It is free to become an affiliate and earn money referring others to become a Host and/or an Affiliate. There is a fee to be a Host if you would like to earn even more.

What is the fee to be a Host of a hotspot?

After enrolling for free in iHub, and after iHub has confirmed for you that your location needs coverage, to order a hotspot there is a $99 application fee and then two options to choose from to finalize the order of the Helium hotspot. The first option is an $18 a month rental/lease. The second option is a one time refundable (if you return the device) $400 deposit with no monthly fee.

Does really refund the $99 application fee if I qualify through

 If you qualify, and are then approved in writing, based on the results of an official iHub Global mining assessment done for your location prior to enrollment, fulfilling your obligation to keep the device active, provisioned on the network connected to a wallet, and performing optimally, after a period of time stated in the approval then a refund will be issued via PayPal, Venmo, or Payoneer.

How do I spend my HNT cryptocurrency rewards from Helium?

Some people just hold it as an investment as they hope for the HNT to increase in value over time as the network grows. If you want to spend it has never been easier because now you can get a Visa debit card linked to your wallet to use anywhere you currently can use a Visa debit card, including ATMs for withdrawals.

Can I still earn money if I cannot get a hotspot?

Yes! You can use your affiliate link, landing pages, and mining assessment tools to refer new iHub Hosts and Affiliates and earn a percentage of 15-35% of what they earn every single month.

What is HNT? If I have HNT will I get rich?

HNT stands for Helium Network Token and is a cryptocurrency on the proprietary Helium blockchain. We can not give you financial advice and we will not tell you that you will get rich, you need to be realistic and understand based on effort put into your referral business, the market price of a volatile cryptocurrency as with all cryptocurrency. We can only tell you this has the potential to increase in value as we do believe it will be based on Helium’s business model but can in no way guarantee any returns (it is against our terms and conditions compliance obligations with iHub Global).

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things. This is almost anything besides your computer that connects to the Internet which can range from pet tracker collars (no more lost pets), rideshare scooters, leak detectors, and the list goes on and on. There are currently over 40 billion devices in the world now with more being added all the time.

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